Benifits of a LTLRater - LTL Rate Comparision Systems

Benifits of a LTLRater - LTL Rate Comparision Systems



Allows for the lowest carrier to be selected for every shipemnt.

LTLRater allows carriers to remain on their own rate base, some systems want to force your carriers on to a common rate base.

LTLRater allows more detail in pricing / discounting set than any carrier rate disk.

Eliminates the need for a 3PL, post audit service

Automaticly displays all open orders for the same customer, allows the option to combine those orders

Stores customer, inventory list and shipment history to provide accurate bills of lading

Is server based, allowing all users to view the same live data.


• It creates enormous operational cost savings by eliminating the third party payment services.

• It eliminates massive amounts of internal clerical work that is necessary to perform as a liaison between the third party payment services and carriers in getting unpaid invoices resolved.

• The ability to retain control of the corporate monies until time to pay the carriers, improving cash flow.

Carriers are now placed on a level playing field allowing companies to compare costs easily and negotiate rates with accurate information.

• Improved customer confidence and satisfaction by providing exact freight quotes and eliminating the subsequent invoicing of additional freight charges.

• Improved carrier confidence since companies will be paying carriers accurately and on time.

• Reduces internal clerical operational costs and eliminates the production of individual invoices for each shipment.

• Companies retain all of their confidential shipping information, allowing them to analyze their freight costs and shipping trends accurately.


Provides one integrated system for all shipping and rating needs
Eliminates need for multiple, proprietary systems for many carriers
Enables immediate time and labor savings
Eliminates manual re-keying of rates
Allows for flexible updating of rates

Rate comparison for all major carriers
Integration of internal business rules and individual customer carrier preference
Integration into existing back end systems
Cost center management
Address correction and cleansing
Integrated tracking of delivery status and automated email and fax notifications with tracking information
Automated delivery confirmation
Rate comparison for all major carriers

What separates ___ from other logistics management software?

Easy to use / Same carrier will be selected reguardless of operater / carrier reports allow for future rate negotions /