Why LTLRater? - THE LTL Rate Comparison Systems

Why LTLRater? - THE LTL Rate Comparison Systems



LTLRater keeps you in control of all shipping decisions. You control the carriers to be included, you control the rate negotiations and you control the carriers selection on a day to day basis.


LTLRater can be provided on a 'service basis.' You pay only a monthly fee, and that cost is more than offset by savings in shipping costs. Under this option, your only upfront costs would be if you needed the system interfaced with your other software.


Software is a fast changing industry, LTLRater has not been 'adapted' from DOS, AS400, or older windows versions to work with the current technology, it was designed from scratch with it

Details - Carrier Pricing!

LTLRater has the most detailed pricing setup of any system on the market. If a carrier gives you a flat % discount, they are not giving you their best rate. 'Lane pricing' changes as a carriers needs change. LTLRater is designed to meet those changes. The more detailed your tariff pricing is the greater your potential savings.

Details - Fuel Surcharge!

In 2005, the carriers Fuel Surcharge has become important like never before. For many shippers, the 1 - 5% surcharge of the past were not enough to be concerned about, but in the year 2005 LTL fuel surcharges were in the 15 - 20% range and has now become an important part of the rating process. As with discount pricing, LTLRater has the most detailed fuel surcharge setup of any system on the market.

Always uses your current data!

Let your carriers give you their best pricing based on their current situation. While LTLRater can handle any year's rate data, with LTLRater there is no incentive to stay on an older rate base. Carrier days of service data changes rapidly, with LTLRater we will update your service data every time the carrier provides an updated file.


LTLRater can be provided on a 'service basis.' Which means your ROI starts day one. You do not have to wait months or years to see your ROI. Your main return will come from the following area's
1) Selecting the lowest cost carrier
2) Time Savings in finding that lowest cost carrier.
3) Time Savings in creating the Bill of Lading
4) Better pricing / discounts from carriers when you can provide them with shipping history data AND you can show them in dollars and cents why they are not getting freight.