How do I know I am choosing the best LTL Carrier each time I send a shipment?

You only know if you rate each shipment using the carrier’s own set of rates and service tables along with your discounts. Small changes in zip codes will push a shipment from a direct to an indirect point, often affecting shipment costs by up to 35% on a given shipment.

Does a standard rate base such as Czar Lite let me put my carrier's on a level playing field?

No. Standard rate bases lower your discounts because the carrier bases pricing on all lanes, not their optimum areas for service.

Is there a better way to use the carriers' own set of rates without re-entering data over and over in different programs?

Yes. LTL Rater software allows the user to enter data once, rate a shipment, print a bill of lading, track the shipment, and audit the carrier bill, as often as needed.

How do i know the bill from my carrier is correct?

LTL Rater software provides accounting the ability to quickly lookup a Pro number in shipment history and enter the actual bill amount. This provides a quick bill audit as well as a rating history for any issues with carrier bill variances.

How do I standardize my labels, bills of lading, and shipment reports?

LTL Rater will print your configuration of any printable item on every shipment and uses a standard bill of lading and pallet label for all of your shipments.

Where is my shipment history and how can I get it?

With LTL Rater, you have all of your shipping data at your disposal whenever you want it. You will have access to entire shipment history for all of your carriers.

How do I get access to my carriers rates so everyone can see them?

LTL Rater allows multiple users to quote shipments, enter actual shipments, review existing shipments, and check invoices, all from the same server based software. Now everyone in your organization can have access to the same information from their own desk.

Can LTL Rater save important information that I use over and over again?

Yes. LTL Rater has the ability to save customer ship to and bill to information, as well as an items table to deal with part number, class, NMFC, item weight, etc.

Will the LTL Rater software work with my printers?

Yes. LTL Rater will send the BOL, reports, and pallet labels to any printer that you have setup on your PC, either local or networked.

Can i justify the cost of the LTL Rater Software?

Absolutely! The software will save you more than $20 per business day in data entry cost alone. Add to that, auditing savings and always getting the lowest cost carrier to a given destination. One wrong choice of a carrier or an unaudited bill can cost your company hundreds of dollars on just one shipment.

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